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Weiser Smart Locks

Weiser Smart Locks are super secure and keep your home safe. They stop all sorts of break-in tricks, even the tricky ones. You can also change the lock yourself with SmartKey in just a few seconds, so no need to worry about lost keys. Kwickset Smart Locks Kwickset Smart Locks make getting into your house super simple. You just press some buttons with your own secret code. No more losing your keys, getting locked out, or hiding keys under the doormat. Schlage Smart Locks Schlage Smart Locks are here to save the day. You won’t lose your keys anymore. They have a keypad and touchscreen that are easy to install. Going in and out is easy and doesn’t need keys. You can pick a style that matches your house inside and out.

Smart Lock Installation & Repair in Toronto

Keyless door locks are getting more and more popular for homes and businesses. We are On Point Locksmith, and we make sure your place is super safe!

Our keyless entry experts can help you pick the perfect lock for your place, and we can make a fancy keyless entry system for your doors. We’re experts at changing old locks to new ones that use fancy technology.

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Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems can be by themselves or connected to something that controls who gets in. You can choose from different ways to open the door:

  • Use a card or a fob.
  • Type a code on a keypad.
  • Use a fingerprint on a biometric lock.
  • Open the door with your smartphone or Bluetooth.

You can pick the way that’s easiest for you, and most keyless locks also have a key, just in case. If you’re not sure what to choose, we can help you decide at On Point Locksmith.

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For Homes and Businesses

On Point Locksmith & Doors has a keyless lock for houses and businesses in Toronto. We can make sure any place, big or small, is safe and secure.

For Businesses

We can put in, fix, and design keyless locks in shops, offices, banks, and even hospitals. We know how to make super fancy keyless entry systems that keep businesses and money safe. We work with lots of people, like builders, property managers, and architects, to make places really secure.

For Homes

We can help you pick a great keyless lock for your front door. If you own a building with lots of people living in it, we can set up a keyless system that keeps everyone safe and still gets them in easily.

On Point Locksmith for the Best Keyless Locks!

We’ve been making Toronto safer for over 13 years. We give homes and businesses keyless locks that are super safe and easy to use. Our installers are really good at their job, and we only use the best brands like Schlage, Kwikset, and more.

Why Choose Us?

When you’re stuck outside your home, and you can’t get in because you left your keys inside, just call us. We use fancy technology to get you back inside without hurting your door.

  • We help with homes and businesses.
  • We’re available all the time, 24/7.
  • We’re really quick to respond.
  • We have good prices, and we’re honest about them.

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