Lock Repair Services Toronto

Lock Repair Services Toronto

Is it okay to try fixing my broken lock, or should I replace it? This is a common question, and the answer depends on the condition of your lock. Sometimes, you can repair a broken lock, but in most cases, it’s better to replace it.


We’ve encountered many broken locks, and we’ve fixed quite a few with our Lock Repair Toronto service. If your lock is repairable, our locksmith technician will handle it. If it’s beyond repair, they’ll guide you through selecting a suitable replacement lock for your home.


But how do you know when it’s time to repair your lock? It’s easy to tell. When your lock no longer works as smoothly or securely as before, it’s time for Lock Repair Toronto. If you notice even a slight change in how your lock operates, it’s a sign.


Locks can deteriorate due to external factors or just from aging. Some older locks may move slowly or provide more resistance than usual. When this happens, you need Lock Repair Toronto. It might be as simple as adjusting the strike plate or replacing an internal part of the lock. Our locksmiths can handle all these issues. If the lock can’t be repaired, they’ll help you choose a suitable replacement.


What if your key won’t turn in the lock anymore? That’s a clear sign your lock needs attention. Before calling professionals like us at On Point, try lubricating the keyway and testing the lock again. If that doesn’t work, it’s a sign of a lock malfunction, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new lock. Our locksmiths will inspect the lock and attempt to repair it.

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Lock Repair Toronto

Locks, like everything else, need maintenance and repair from time to time. There’s no lock that can last forever with constant use.

It’s essential to call a professional locksmith as soon as you suspect a problem with your lock. The earlier you address it, the easier it is to repair. Most lock issues start small and worsen if left unattended.

In some cases, you should call a locksmith right away to prevent further damage. For instance, if you break a key inside the lock, you need Lock Repair Toronto. Let’s explore some reasons you might need lock repair and how professional locksmiths, like those from 24/7 Locksmith, can help.

Broken Key in the Lock

Breaking a key inside a lock is more common than you might think. It can happen for various reasons, such as applying too much force when turning the key. Regardless of the cause, call a professional locksmith for lock repair.

Leaving a lock unrepaired compromises your home’s security. Our locksmiths will first remove the broken key and then check the lock’s internal components for damage. To extract a broken key, they’ll use various methods, like lubricating the lock and gripping the part of the key that’s visible or using a broken key extractor tool. Lubrication makes the process easier and aids in removing the key. The extractor tool is essential for Lock Repair Toronto.

Stuck Deadbolt

If your deadbolt isn’t functioning correctly, it might need repair. Misalignment of internal parts could be the cause. The deadbolt might not align with the strike plate, making it necessary to call a professional locksmith for Lock Repair Toronto. Our locksmiths will diagnose the issue and realign the strike plate or file down the deadbolt if needed.

Lock Cylinder Turns

If the lock cylinder turns while trying to unlock your door, it’s a sign that your lock requires repair. The cylinder should be held in place by set screws, but if these break or become loose, the cylinder will turn freely. The solution is to tighten the set screw, but it’s best to have a professional locksmith do this to avoid further damage.

Slow-Moving Door Lock

Door locks can slow down for various reasons, such as extreme cold, dirt in the lock, or worn-out internal components. If the lock is moving slowly due to internal issues, it needs Lock Repair Toronto. Our locksmiths will clean and lubricate the lock to ensure smooth operation. In some cases, slow movement could indicate the lock’s worn-out and needs replacement.

Misaligned Latch

Weather stripping often causes latch misalignment in exterior doors. It’s a common issue, but experienced locksmiths can easily fix it by moving the stripping back on the door frame. These simple solutions can save you time and money, so call your locksmith experts for Lock Repair Toronto.

How to Troubleshoot Your Lock

Before contacting professional locksmiths, you can troubleshoot your lock. This step is essential to determine the problem and explain it to your locksmith. Troubleshooting involves identifying issues and potential DIY solutions, like lubrication or strike plate adjustment.


Pay attention to your door’s behavior. If it doesn’t stay closed, the strike plate might be misaligned. If the lock cylinder turns when inserting your key, it might be loose set screws. Homeowners can save time and money by attempting basic troubleshooting before calling for Lock Repair Toronto.


A broken lock is a serious issue, and you should address it promptly. Whether it’s a broken key, stuck deadbolt, or misaligned latch, professional locksmiths can provide the necessary Lock Repair Toronto services to keep your home secure. So, if you suspect any lock problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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