Door Hinge Repair Toronto

Door Hinge Repair Toronto

On Point Locksmith & Doors in Downtown Toronto, ON is a locksmith company that helps people with lock problems. We are proud of our expert team that can handle all kinds of lock issues for homes, cars, and businesses. We work quickly and charge fair prices to make sure our customers are happy. Our team is well-trained and follows safety rules to give you good service. We’re here for you 24/7, so you can call us at (437)-766-7678  anytime you need help with locks in Downtown Toronto, Ontario.

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Your home’s doors depend on hinges to function smoothly, but these crucial components often go unnoticed. Hinges make opening and closing doors a breeze. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing one, or need hinge repairs, reach out to us at 437-766-7678.

Our Door Hinge Services

We are your trusted experts when it comes to door hinges. Our services offer high-quality work at affordable prices. Let’s explore the types of door hinges and what we can do for you:

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Full Mortise Hinge:A standard hinge in Canada, measuring 4.5×4.5 inches, constructed from architectural-grade material.

Butt Hinge:Common and durable, these hinges work on both interior and exterior doors.

Pivot Hinge:Allows doors to open inward or outward easily, with various grades available.

Concealed Hinges:These stainless steel hinges remain hidden when doors are closed and can open up to 180 degrees.

Half Mortise Hinge:Similar to the full mortise hinge but half the width, with various options for weight bearing, size, and material.

Spring Hinge:Typically, two spring hinges are used per door to force it closed.

European Hinges:Primarily used for cabinets, they play a vital role in securing these units.

Piano Hinge:Known for their strength and security, often used in pianos.

Continuous Hinge:Ideal for folding tables, chests, and tool sheds, these custom-length hinges eliminate alignment problems.

If you need more information on these hinges in Toronto, please call us at 437-766-7678.

Our Services Include:

  • Door pivot fixes
  • Business door pivot repairs
  • Replacement of broken pivot hinges
  • Installation of new doors or frames
  • Replacing broken pivot hinges with a continuous hinge

Commercial doors frequently use pivot hinges, which can become loose and fail due to the added weight of metal or steel doors. In such cases, we recommend replacing pivot hinges with continuous hinges. These run the entire length of the door, distributing the weight evenly and offering durability over time.

Fixing Stripped Screw Holes for Door Hinge Repair in Toronto

Over time, screw holes on older doors with pivot hinges may become stripped, causing the hinges to loosen and eventually detach. To address this issue, dowels can be inserted into the stripped holes, and new holes can be drilled for the screws, reattaching the hinges securely to the door frame.

Solving Door Alignment and Sagging Issues

When doors start to hang or stick, it may indicate hinge problems. Proper door hinge adjustments are crucial. The top hinge, which bears more weight, should be checked and adjusted if necessary, especially if short screws were initially used. Replacing these with longer screws and securing them to the wood frame can correct sagging doors.

Addressing Mortise Hinge Concerns

Mortise hinges often require chiseling the wood to create the necessary groove. Handmade mortises can lead to issues, making doors harder to close. Most factory-made doors are designed for proper sizing and functionality.

Replacing Door Hinges in Toronto

If one of your hinges is causing problems, it’s relatively easy to replace it. Remove the troublesome hinge and replace it with a matching one. Ensure the other hinges can support the door during the replacement. Consider using longer screws if the wood is old or worn.

Door Hinge Installation in Toronto

The possibility of installing a new door depends on various factors, such as the type of hinges already in place. When installing new hinges, the project can become more complex. In some cases, it’s advisable to purchase a new door with the appropriate hinges. Alternatively, you may need to carve mortise zones into the new door piece to accommodate the hinges properly.

Maintaining Your Door Hinges in Toronto

In addition to hinge replacements, periodic maintenance is essential to keep your doors in top condition. Regular use can lead to wear and tear, resulting in strange noises or difficulty in closing. If you notice noises, hinge lubrication is needed. For doors that won’t close properly, adjusting the hinges and tightening screws might help. If the screw holes are too damaged, professional assistance is advisable.

For a no-obligation quote and a thorough assessment of your door hinge needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to keep your doors working perfectly.”

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